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Can My Child Really Learn Online and Succeed?

Can my child really learn online and succeed? The short answer is: Yes, they absolutely can!

Online learning has been used for many years by institutions and schools to provide a well-planned, quality educational experience.

With a dedicated teacher, a well-designed curriculum, and committed parents, children can learn online and thrive!

Pandemic Schooling vs. Online Learning

There are some key differences between pandemic-style schooling versus learning through a specially designed online curriculum and today, I’d like to cover those differences so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not online learning is right for your child. One thing that I would like to address right away is that online learning is NOT “pandemic schooling”.

“Pandemic Schooling”, a phrase coined by the public, is when our nation went into sudden lockdown where students and their teachers were thrust into a completely new format of learning they were not prepared for. Because of how our nation’s school system needed to adjust during the pandemic, many parents have been left frustrated with the way online schooling has taken place.

Some main concerns and complaints among parents about their child’s online learning experience have been:

  • Lack of communication with teachers

  • The child has way too much work,

  • The work doesn’t seem age-appropriate

  • Lack of interaction, isolation

  • Disorganization of lessons

For a school system and its teachers to have to switch to online learning so suddenly without regular experience in the online learning realm, it is no wonder they had all these challenges.

But with CoGoMee Academy and similar online schools, these challenges have already been considered and planned for.

For over 18 months, we tested approaches, overcoming each hurdle, and planned for hiccups along the way so that we could bring the very best educational experience to your child and our online classroom. And we continually assess our programs to make sure that we are adapting as our students and families need us to.

When choosing an online learning experience for your child, there are four main components that I believe contribute to your little learner’s success:

A Dedicated Educator

The first component of a solid, successful educational experience is having a dedicated teacher. By dedicated, I mean having a teacher that looks for ways to serve each child individually and each classroom collectively.

1st graders showing off their Liberty Bells, after our social studies lesson. They are always so proud of their work!

A dedicated teacher will constantly look for ways to improve and adapt to children’s needs because they understand that a successful educational experience happens when a child’s unique personality and learning style is considered. It is my honor to serve your family and your child with excellence and the utmost care.

A Word about Communication

A teacher who communicates well, not just with their students, but with the parents is another key aspect of educational success. While a teacher may be gifted, they don’t know your child as you do, and a wise teacher will partner with the parent in direct communication to ensure their little learner’s success.

Parent Involvement

The second component, or pillar, of a child’s educational success, is parent involvement. At CoGoMee Academy, we understand that, despite popular belief, teachers are NOT a replacement for parents.

We studied clownfish and their habitats, so the Allaart family extended the classroom learning with art!

It is a joy to partner with our parents to ensure their students have an extraordinary learning experience. CoGoMee lessons are created with parent participation in mind too.

The reason for this is that students who have an involved parent are more likely to thrive in their academic settings and reach milestones regardless of family income or social status. Numerous studies have found that when parents are involved at school, the performance of all the children at school, not just their own, tends to improve.

Here at CoGoMee Academy, we care about all aspects of your child’s education, even beyond the classroom and your contribution is vital. We work with you to ensure that children not only learn within our classes but with you at home.

Personalized, Age-appropriate Lessons

We create lesson plans that are designed with your child’s learning style, appropriate age, and development stage in mind. We like lessons to be challenging (but not too much!), to stretch your students’ minds and help them to grow where they need to most.

From Pre-K through 5th grade, we make sure that all core subjects for each level are so that you are confident your child is getting the best learning experience possible.

Learning about the life cycle of a frog with figurines encourages explorations and stirs curiousity.

The average length of our classes is around 40 minutes to ensure that we capture and keep your student’s attention throughout, and the average classroom size is a 7:1 ratio which means each child will receive the time and attention they deserve.

Engaging, Hands-on Homeschool Enrichment

We also create enrichment adventures that round out the educational experience with hands-on activities, project-based learning, and presentations to reinforce the lessons to make certain that your students aren’t just learning but having fun too.

Virtual field trips, unit studies, and family projects add even more learning fun for each grade level.

Educational Success is More than Possible

With these four components, your child will thrive in their online learning experience and here at the CoGoMee Family, we are honored to assist you and your little learners in their educational journey.

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