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Does Virtual Learning Count As Homeschooling?

Absolutely! For years homeschoolers have utilized online classes to provide their children with a well-rounded education. Likewise, CoGoMee Academy isn't replacing what you have set up for homeschool. instead, our academy partners with parents and guardians to provide an extraordinary learning experience.

Virtual Homeschooling

Here at CoGoMee Academy, we strongly believe that parents/guardians are their child's best teachers. You know your child's personality and learning abilities better than anyone else in the world. It makes sense that you'd know how to teach them best.

As a Certified Early Childhood Educator and homeschool mom of 3, I know the significance of having the freedom to homeschool the way you want. That's why our academy offers enrichment classes that enhance your learner's homeschool experience.

Learning is a lifestyle for homeschool families

In our virtual classrooms, educators encourage our students daily. We tell them they can do anything they put their minds to. We speak life over them and tell them they are intelligent and great readers.

Virtual Preschool

This school year has left such a great impact on our students. They have learned most importantly how to encourage themselves and work as a team! It warms my heart to hear them saying, "You can. do this" to their classmates. We are more than academics here - we are family. Our warm, loud, creative environment encourages learning.

Parents and grandparents at our academy; go on field trips, travel, have their curriculum, and extend the lessons at home.

When we studied the four seasons in class, parents/guardians picked up books from the library supporting our unit study and created super cute Fall crafts.

Preschool Science

CoGoMee Academy's curriculum aligns with national grade-appropriate standards without intruding on the freedom and flexibility of the parent's choice.

We provide a plethora of educational resources for our families to choose to utilize. Some families choose not to do any, while others may incorporate one or two now and again.

I hope that answers your question. If homeschooling was a milkshake - virtual programs at CoGoMee Academy are the cool straw, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherry on top!


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