Imagination and creative are nourished and watered at CoGoMee! 


Hello and welcome to CoGoMee. Mrs. Mae is the founder and creative mind behind our amazing curricula. She lives in sunny South Florida with her husband and 3 daughters. For nearly a decade Mrs. Mae has provided South Florida with fun, family-friendly enrichment programs and now she is bringing it all home - to your homes and preschools. This new adventure will allow Mrs. Mae to serve more families and schools with creative dramatic play centers, interactive curriculum, and hands-on workshops.

“Kids will be kids! Childhood lasts such a short time, so let them play, explore, create and learn in their own unique way! Don't worry ... they'll make mistakes, knock things over, color on your walls and so much more, but you'll be there to guide and teach them in love all the way!” ❤ Mrs. Mae

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