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I'm Mrs. Mae, the founder, and creative mind behind all you see here. These are my daughters who have been the driving inspiration behind every curriculum, printable, book, and program. 

We live in sunny South Florida with my husband, which was hard at work when this beautiful photo was taken. Our family loves to explore new places, play games, and spend time together. 
Even though I've got my hands full, I am exceedingly blessed to share my God-given gifts and talents with you all. For the past 8-years, I have provided South Florida with fun, family-friendly enrichment programs, and now I'm bringing it all home - to your homes! 

When we started our homeschool journey, I could not have imagined what God had in store. After a year of homeschooling my children, I felt lead to expand and help others do the same through CoGoMee Academ

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CoGoMee Academy is an accumulation of the last decade of my passion for educating young learners. The Academy provides core subjects such as math, social studies, language arts, and science so that busy parents feel confident in their homeschooling journey. 

In addition to our core classes, we provide extracurricular clubs and activities for our students to enjoy. By partnering with parents, we create an individualized learning plan that meets each child's needs while; also challenging each student to go beyond what they think they can. 

No child left behind isn't a slogan we use; it's what we do. 


" When the atmosphere encourages learning, the

learning is inevitable." - Elizabeth Foss

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