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Pumpkin Activities for the Fall Season

Pumpkins, sweaters, and hayride oh my! Pumpkin season isn't over just yet! This Fall season has been full of activities and fun for our family, and we are excited to share them with you.

Life Cycle

I don't think the life cycles ever get old. Life cycle lessons are versatile for multiple age groups and are enjoyable for the whole family. We always learn something new. With the pumpkin life cycle, I created a wheel to go along with our lesson this year. My daughters enjoyed using the while to see the growth of the pumpkin. I'll be making more of these as we continue to dove into different life cycles.

In addition to the life cycle wheel, we put the cycle onto a pumpkin as another visual. I laminated ours so that we have it for CoGoMee Academy.


Of course, we had to experiment too. First, we observed whether or not it was able to float in ginger ale the same way it floated in the water. Would there be a difference? maybe the size of the pumpkin would make a difference.

We used 3 different pumpkins - one large, one medium-sized, and one super small.

In our experiment, we found that all three pumpkins floated in the water. They floated upside down in the ginger ale.

After our sink or float experiment, we cut open the small pumpkin and made pumpkin volcanoes. Volcanoes large and small are a hit in our home.


Then we seized the opportunity to paint with already sliced pumpkins.

We grabbed some Prang paint and got to work. I did not give any instruction as to what to create, and this is what she did! I am so proud of her creativity. This beautiful pink flower will be greatly displayed in our art portfolio.


I love baked pumpkin seeds, my children noto so much!

After we gave the seeds three water baths, we let them dry on a napkin.

We placed them in the oven, on a cookie sheet added turmeric, sea salt, and olive oil. Just mentioning it makes me want to grab a pumpkin from the store.

Where's the pumpkin pie?

I know, I know - we would have made a pumpkin pie, but this one didn't have enough pulp to do that.

It's all good because I did make two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, and they were delicious! There you have it! Four pumpkin activities for your family to enjoy!

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