Play-Doh Fun for the Whole Family

I don't know about you but in our home, we love all things creative, so of course, we love playdoh! Pic Playdoh time is a time to wildly create. Anything you can think of! Since we haven't had playdoh in a while my Princesses went bananas over it.

I even stepped up my game and got playdoh tools and this awesome sight word mat. More than fun Playdoh is more than just a fun activity, it is a learning activity too. These are so many skills children can develop from while playing with playdoh. Take for instance this sight word mat I added in. You can you the play hod to cover each site word your child knows or you can have 5hem spell our thei site qrds in play doh.

If you have older kids you can encourage them recreate things from the book their reading. Or you can get the modeling clay and sculpt the collesium. You get the point! The possibles are wide ranging and its and activity the whole family can enjoy!

All you'll need for a fab playdoh session of your own....

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Now tell me when was the last time your family had a playdoh session? What's your favorite things to make with playdoh?

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