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Christmas Sensory Scavenger Hunt

The weather outside is frightful - what no, it's not! The weather is gorgeous here in South Florida, which means time for an outdoor challenge with our Christmas-themed sensory bin!

Christmas Sensory Fun

We LOVE sensory play! Sand, water, colored rice - you name it, we love it all! Today, I am setting up a Christmas scavenger hunt for the girls to enjoy. I'm excited for them to dive in; let's take a look at what we've got going on.

Sensory scavenger hunt

I wonder if they will be able to find everything. On your marks, get set, go! Out the gate, they dive right in! Searching in the crinkled paper might be a little tricky. I made sure to use a lot of it. Let's see what strategy they use.

Primary sensory

Oh no, there are some missing items. No one likes when they can't find that one last puzzle piece. Maybe I will help them out a bit.

Sensory play bin

At about 5 minutes in the girls have two pieces left to find. What's tricky is that the crinkled paper is a similar color to most items on the hunt list.

loose parts sensory play

Yay, they found them all! For their prizes, they each get to pick one thing out of our treasure bag. They chose the Lemmy Edition Hatchimals.

hatchimals prizes

The girls had fun playing, and I enjoyed putting it together for them. Now to clean all this up and pack it until next time!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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